Video Doorbell advantages

Updated: Apr 18

With the increase in people having to work from home now, there are added advantages to having a video doorbell.

Not only are they able to be used to ensure you are aware of who is at the door, they can also be used to verify that;

1. The person is who they say they are

2. Can be used to talk to the person in real time, either while your still at home or while away from home. (Especially useful in times of or during any covid19 lockdowns).

3. Can be used to obtain photo or video evidence in the event that it is required.

4. Can be used to verify that if a parcel or item is left, the actual time it happened & who left it.

5. Ensure that loved ones are able to arrive or leave safely on time.

6. Not only can they be used at the entrance door, they can be used anywhere around the place so long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. eg. garages - garden sheds - entertaining areas - indoors even if someone is unwell & your unable to be with them the entire time, by with the 2 way real time audio feature being invaluable.

7. Having issues or problems in your neighbourhood. ( Any recording captured on the video doorbells can be used as evidence if required)

8. To ensure the safety of your vehicle or possessions near where they are situated.

9. The fact they can easily be moved from area to area if required, without the need to run cables ( so long as they have a WiFi connection to your router)

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