8 port Fibre Optic Media Convertor

Total price $ 433.35  (includes GST + Freight) Australian Customers

Total price $ 468.35  (including GST + Freight) Overseas Customers

8 port Fibre Optic Convertor

  • 10/100/1000Mbps Fiber Optic Media Converter

    Built in hgh efficiency 990M SSRAM for packet buffer

    With 2M Mac address tablet

    Half duplex back pressure flow control

    Full duplex flow control with auto-negotiation

  • please allow 14 - 21 days delivery. All items are sent by courier (Post) unless details and request are supplied for alternative delivery method.


    Note. extra freight charges may apply, depending on alternative delivery method requirements.

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                 Security Tips

   With alarm systems having the sensors facing the doors or windows, possible entry points, it allows for faster activation. Instead of waiting till someone is already inside  

 Having minimal entry delay also helps to ensure no-one is inside that shouldn't be there. While also ensuring only designated people are. 

   The same can be done with internal cameras, making sure they cover the desired area + also the nearest potential entry point. This allows earlier detection & response time.

   Have systems that alert your mobile or e-mail account directly. Just because you buy a system from a business, doesn't automatically mean they should do the responses. Your system, YOUR CHOICE who responds.

   If installing a system yourself or Technically minded, consider getting a CCTV 5 in 1 Camera tester to ensure that your cameras are set perfectly.


Test your system periodically, to ensure that everything is still set the way you prefer, or adjust as necessary.  

 With camera systems, ensure that the lens or dome is checked & cleaned regularly so you always get the clearest images possible.


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