Building your business online for the 1st time.

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Due to the situation that people & businesses are having to deal with now because of the covid19 & lock down - isolation requirements being faced by all of us. Many businesses are having to re-think the way they do business & the implications of how to keep their regular customers & clients still calling or using them for their requirements or needs.

For many that are able to adapt to having or using remote workers (working from home) to continue with their regular day to day business activities, providing goods or services, it has shown that by adapting to the changing way of doing business - online with a website for their business has been beneficial.

For those that now need to consider setting up a website for their business it may seem like an expensive and extremely costly thing to do. But with all the help available from state & federal governments funding and online assistance with setting one up has never been easier.

While starting a website for a business for the 1st time might seem overwhelming, one of the most overlooked & beneficial things from doing it is that it can give the business a larger or more diverse customer base as the website can be seen by anyone using the Internet when searching for anything they want. This could lead to more sales for businesses that provide products as they can then be easily sent to the customer anywhere they live for a very reasonable price when checking all the options available.

After setting up my own business website a few years ago, I found that getting the advertising in front of the desired or selected audience or demographic seemed to be nearly impossible. As it was the 1st time I had started - run or had anything to do with a business website. Therefore wasn't fully aware of all the factors that had to be considered to ensure that there were visitors to the business website - the different type of social media channels that could also be used to drive or direct traffic to the business website or how an effective advertising campaign could be run for less than the hundreds of dollars required to run it through the normal ways of television - radio - newspapers - & letterbox drops of advertising.

While it may seem like a lot of effort to check - double check and continuously monitor the results from the various ways, the long term results in getting a steady or constant flow of visitors - traffic to the website is well worth the efforts & time.

Especially with the civid19 or Coronavirus issue that is affecting businesses from opening, & having the isolation - quarantine or social distancing issues making a lot more people stay at home. They are turning to their computers - laptops - mobile devices to source the things - products that they would normally just go out for, online now.

Making it a more opportune time to actually setup - try - & run a business website.

As the following excerpts, to be posted later, show there is a way to make it easier to define the audience that you either want for your business or that might be interested in the products available due to either their location - circumstances - work or leisure activities or that just might help to define the most likely traffic to the businesses website.

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