Be Your Own Customer (continued)

Also the demographic had changed from anyone seeing the ad, to women only, mainly as they were more likely to be concerned about potential security or safety issues & with the changing trend of the #meto campaign in Hollywood, the promotion of more anti domestic violence/abuse issues - policies - & campaigns both in Australia & worldwide, while at the same time there seemed to have been a shift from the women having a boyfriend - getting married - raising the children to a more career based & being more independant & self reliant attitude, it allowed women to see that there were/are steps or measures that they could take or apply to help improve their safety & security while working or at home, that was affordable & realistic in pricing. At the same time it showed that the systems are easy to install & setup, so that they could be able to do it themselves if they wanted to, without the need for expensive installation & cabling costs, that are generally associated with PoE or hard wired security camera systems.

Meaning that anyone could practically install them themselves, which for 1 of the demographics I was looking at advertising to, would be a great advantage as they could then be confident that they were the only ones that knew the passwords or access codes to the camera systems that had been installed. It also allowed a wider range of people that could possibly be advertised to as well, home renovators - the do it yourself type - the professional handyman - people looking at improving their home security - people that were working from home - potential or actual security businesses or business managers that want products that perform quite well with as little installation time / expense as possible without the need to find manufacturers - etc..

After re-assessing some of the information I had gathered from the previous advertising & results, I then started to look at improving the advertising methods & the messages themselves. I also attended a digital boot camp that was being conducted to help businesses become more effective with any social media advertising they were doing as well as encouraging them to promote their businesses online & with social media. As there was a push from businesses like Amazon & Alibaba to get into the Australian market as well as the likes of EBay.

I had only recently found (around August 2018) that an app that I had for the last 3 years could be used to assist with my advertising campaigns & the actual messages themselves. It allowed me to remove the background from images & paste them onto other images as I needed. (Something that could have been getting used during the last 3 years if I had known), instead of using the online veriosnm of fiver or other sites that would create the ad or clip for you. This allowed me to create better & more professional looking advertising messages & campaigns, while also allowing me to show potential customers - clients how a specific camera could look if they had it positioned in a certain or selected area.

I had also found a site that could be used to obtain images for free, although they do request that the photographer gets some credit for any image used (by either adding their name to the image or pasting a code into the website where the image is used), so that the advertising images & messages were easier to make & could be given a professional look a lot easier as well. This site had been recommended by a woman whose LinkedIn profile & posts I was following as she appeared to have plenty of good worthwhile suggestions , recommendations & tips. She was also promoting her own site as well, a Social Media Marketing Manager & Influencer, making her posts more relevant & authentic.

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