Be Your Own Customer (continued)

By applying those "values" or "principles" while researching & learning more about the various demographics, (people - countries - areas - cultures - values), that I was trying to get my advertising across to, I noticed that it was becoming easier to understand just what type of advertising messages or styles or even just the message itself, might be more relevant or get a better result - response. All the while keeping in mind, "what would I want or expect" if I was a person living in those areas, with those values - cultural differences or product - service needs, that were specific to those areas.

I found that by using various different methods & ways to chat to or interact with people in those areas, & treating them the same way I would if I was face to face with them or they visited me in person, it helped to also look at or find different things that might also be relevant or should be considered when creating & posting advertising posts - messages - clips, (slideshow - images with messages or video of products), while also reminding me that they were also like people I knew. They had the same dreams - hopes - aspirations in life - fears - or problems that everyone of us has, but mostly keep to ourselves or only mention to trusted people we know or care about.

During the time that I was doing the research on the different areas, I tried various advertising methods that I had been reading about as well. From creating a Business Page on Facebook to joining social media sites like Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest etc, & trialling the different advertising methods - methods - styles on them. While doing this I found there was some response & at times a surge in the amount of visitors to my business website, although there was still a lack of consistent sales or purchases from it, it reminded me that there are different methods & ways that can be successfully utilized to get a more consistent & constant revenue from sales on the business website.

By changing some the demographic specs that I had added to my Facebook advertising post, to a more specific gender, age group/s, location/s - area & interests, I started to notice a better response to some of the ads that were being posted. I had now gone from only 43 people seeing them, with only a couple of 'Likes' of the ads, to over 3K people seeing them with at times up to 100 or more 'Liking' the posts, clicking the website links or actually spending time viewing the various products that were available from the business website, over a 12 - 18 month period of time. (At this point, I would like to remind you that I grew up without social media, had been in the Security Industry on & off since late 1996, had only started using & getting to know social media & its uses a couple of years earlier, had never had - managed or run a website previously & only had a limited amount that could be used or spent to get the business running better.) So to me, getting the advertising in front of over 3k people, was a great improvement in the amount of people seeing, 'Liking' & responding to the advertising.

I also noticed that I could improve my advertising reach & goals a lot better by looking at - reading - watching any information posted by Social Media Experts, while at the same time only using what was relevant to me & my situation or advertising needs. I also found that by using the relevant ideas - concepts in a way that could also be applied to the way I had been researching & looking at the various areas & demographics made a greater or bigger difference as well.

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Be Your Own Customer (continued)

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Be your Own Customer (continued)

I found that the more research I did on the specific demographic I was looking at, the more I came to understand just what they might actually be interested in, that might actually get a response from

Be your own customer

The following posts are pieces or excerpts from an article I wrote a couple of years ago, as a way of helping me to define & analyze the best ways to promote a business website that I had created & wa

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   With alarm systems having the sensors facing the doors or windows, possible entry points, it allows for faster activation. Instead of waiting till someone is already inside  

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