Be your Own Customer (continued)

I found that the more research I did on the specific demographic I was looking at, the more I came to understand just what they might actually be interested in, that might actually get a response from anyone of them to ads that had been created in different ways that might appeal to them. Things that might concern or be relevant to their specific region - location, industry, or even culture. While also providing the safety, security & trust that they also deserved to feel & had a right to have, at any time.

This then lead to further research to find better ways that the content of the ads & the way they were created might actually get someone to stop & say to themselves "this is what I want or need" (or when looking at the resulting ad say "damn, I need or want this myself") or actually click on any links that would then take them to the business website.

It also lead me to find out more of the cultural side of how things might be worded, said, implied or even just presented (photo or video ad creation) for this particular demographic as well. The more I learnt the more I wanted to find out so that any ad, photo or video type, would appeal to them, while also just wanting to understand the types of differences that could be gained by the products or services that the business website had to offer for this demographic.

Other things that influenced this was some of the previous jobs that I had, where even though I was just an employee of the business I still had to take into consideration things that the customer or potential client might prefer over other things.

While the various positions or jobs I had at those times generally always focused on the customers requirements - needs or preferences, they still included working for my employer at the time as well taking into account the preferences of the employers clients - customers when providing a service or product for them. Some of those jobs involved dealing with numerous clients or customers requirements, (daily, while with some I never had to see - talk or deal with them at all) but they also included understanding WHY the client - customer might have those specific requirements & what had to be done to ensure that they (the services or products ) were compliant with the clients - customers requirements - needs or specifications.

This could have been anything from their customers' needs or requirements - compliance requirements for the product or service - environmental factors of a specific area / region -compliance requirements of or from the country that the product or service was being supplied to or in - or just the simple requirements of the customer (employers customer) themselves, as they were known for supplying a specific type & quality of product or service.

While at those times social media was still only a dream (unless it actually involved meeting & talking - interacting with people in real time & discussing or promoting your product or service that way), the changing landscape (of the internet - mobile phones - tablets - laptops etc,) & means of interacting with or reaching a potential audience - group - customer now has bought about the need for more considered - researched - & actually thought about ways that businesses are able to reach & show people just what they are able to supply or provide now.

While this has resulted in more people & businesses starting to create & make their own advertising, the best way to get that advertising in front of an audience or demographic that are likely to buy or require the products or services that are able to be supplied, is still one (1) of the greatest challenges we all face. This could mean creating blogs, images with information or even video content that is then used to advertise the products & services, but just blasting it out there on social media for any & all to see isn't the only way that it can be done.

Yes it will get people looking at the advertising messages, but this still requires the people seeing them to actually decide "Yes, I want that" & then taking the steps or actions required to make an actual sale, or get them to visit your store or website.

I feel this is where the so called "old values of empathy - caring - consideration & tolerance" come into play again. When talking to people in a face to face environment or situation, our subconscious is actively reading - analysing - responding to & evaluating the other person's reactions, whether they be the clear verbal cues (tone of voice - speed of speech - or even the actual words themselves), the slight changes in expression/s or body positioning or just the language being used at the time. The whole time we are talking to or just with other people our subconscious is constantly evaluating & adjusting our behaviour & responses to all these different cues from the other person or people around us.