Be your own customer

The following posts are pieces or excerpts from an article I wrote a couple of years ago, as a way of helping me to define & analyze the best ways to promote a business website that I had created & was trying to get more website traffic to.

I hope sharing this might help others to realize their own ambitions to create & build a website for their business or even as part of a semi retirement thing to help keep them active & up to date with the latest changes in the online digital world that we are living in.

As it was a long piece that was written, over the space of 12 months, I will break it down into smaller posts that are easier to read.

Basically this type of way of defining the audience you are after for you business, can be used by basically any industry or business model.

One of the greatest things I have learnt over the years & even more while learning how to get the best advertising results from Social Media, is that we are all in essence the customer.

I mean we all are a customer for services - products -items that define who we are & what we do. So why wouldn't that perspective be used when creating content.

We shop at places we know, that are familiar or comfortable to us. Even when trying somewhere new, unless we are comfortable with it, the ad or the reason that prompted us to try it was to our liking or taste, we won't consider or even try it.

Was it because the advertiser fluked it, or did they do extensive research into the demographic we are a part of, that got our attention & made us decide to try it.

Did they study or research our likes, behaviour our culture or any of a number of other things that define the demographic we fit in.

Or was it that they just understood the principals of empathy, of the service or product they can offer or supply, & with that create the ad that appealed to us so that we then considered actually purchasing, getting or contacting them for it.

The idea for this post actually came from a couple of different reasons the 1st reason is that I had been reading another well written & informative post on LinkedIn a week previously, The person had been talking about ways to improve their social media advertising presence so that more potential customers were able to see any ads.

Another reason is that over the last couple if years I have been doing a lot of research into setting up, running a business website, advertising the website on Social Media Platforms, while also looking at the best way to get potential customer interaction with any posts or ads that are created for the business. While doing that I then selected a specific demographic that I wanted to supply products & services for, as I already knew my business & the products quite well, I started to do some research on the demographic that I had selected & realised that the more I researched into it, the more I needed to know in order to be able to provide or present the products & or services that might be required or even just considered by this demographic. (Another reason for choosing this particular demographic was the fact that over the years, previously, I had heard many disparaging comments or remarks about this demographic, but after spending some time observing, watching & chatting to them, while researching, I realised that they were no different from anyone else or any other demographic I could have chosen. They had the same hopes, dreams, issues, loves & hates, while they were also someone's parent, relative, loved one & as a result deserved the same rights as anyone else to feel safe, secure, protected & respected in their own homes - businesses or anywhere else they were. While at the same time, in the region where this demographic was located, I noticed that there was over 56,000 people involved in this Industry & that there was over 11,000 places setup or dedictated to supplying the content that was made in or by this particular Industry. This was only in 1 region or country, therefore it stood to reason, that there was a substantial potential to supply quality products & or services to various sections of this Industry worldwide. Especially if I could show & prove to certain sections of it, that the business was genuine & committed to supplying quality products that the people in this Industry would be able to either benefit from using or feel safer by using the products.)

While I had always prided myself on being able to present my business in a way that potential customers would find interesting or worth considering, I had never had to use social media previously to do so.

It made me consider things like languages, possible culture aspects that may have to be taken into account with the advertising on social media, the way different areas or demographics could also use the products or services, that might be different to how they have been used, presented or provided in the past.

I found that one of the ways I could achieve this was to put any empathy I had into overdrive & really consider what I would want, need or require if I was the actual customer, that I was trying to create ads & the website layout - for, in that demographic. This then raised a whole range of other questions I had to ask myself & research - look at to get answers & a better understanding of.