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  The management at Gunnedah Security Service were extremely professional in their approach to my situation, and took the time to ensure that what I needed would suit my situation in every aspect.

  They went out of their way to ensure that I was satisfied with the solution to my problem and I am able to contact them at any time, if I have any questions or need any further assistance, without any worries. Which has eased a lot of the concerns I had before getting to know them.

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At Gunnedah Security Service we strive to ensure that the clients needs are always met and we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best and latest solution to ensure our clients satisfaction  

We also offer the professionalism you prefer while combining it with the friendly service you deserve. 

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Whether it's your home, office or anything else.

We have the solution that suits you. 

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While being flexible enough that we can assist with anything you need or require.

Below are some of the sevices and products that we can provide.                                 You can contact us for further details of other services or products that can be provided.

What we can offer you


​  Ensure that your premises is  secure when your not there.


  Provide a guard /s for your specific requirement or need


 Provide the best security option that suits your requirements.  



 Offer you a quality service at a reasonable price.​


 Provide a range of services that will suit our clients, customers requirements and needs.​


​A range of products that should suit your every requirement.       (What we don't have we can source for you)




 Static Guards.  physical or virtual        
 Crowd Control - events  & functions.
 Personal escorts - to & from venues & sites.  Alarm & camera 
        sales - instalation - monitoring service    Unarmed cash escorts. 

 From the standard Security camera thru to indoor cameras and web cams..                                                                                  

 Whatever the product  your looking for or need we can supply

To see all the products available, please check the shop page on this site.

With all the potential risks to your safety at the moment, how secure is your business or home?

Are they able to be left locked securely and be the same when you return, or even while you are there? 

To assist you make them more secure, and your life less stressful, we have a new range of Wi-Fi camera kits, video doorbells & IP cameras that can help to achieve this. Along with a range of home - business packages.

Visit the shop on our site to see the range available.

 Camera Systems                  We are also able to either provide extras or the complete  camera systems as per the clients - customers request, with the option to install them as well.

              Read terms of use

                 Security Tips

   With alarm systems having the sensors facing the doors or windows, possible entry points, it allows for faster activation. Instead of waiting till someone is already inside  

 Having minimal entry delay also helps to ensure no-one is inside that shouldn't be there. While also ensuring only designated people are. 

   The same can be done with internal cameras, making sure they cover the desired area + also the nearest potential entry point. This allows earlier detection & response time.

   Have systems that alert your mobile or e-mail account directly. Just because you buy a system from a business, doesn't automatically mean they should do the responses. Your system, YOUR CHOICE who responds.

   If installing a system yourself or Technically minded, consider getting a CCTV 5 in 1 Camera tester to ensure that your cameras are set perfectly.


Test your system periodically, to ensure that everything is still set the way you prefer, or adjust as necessary.  

 With camera systems, ensure that the lens or dome is checked & cleaned regularly so you always get the clearest images possible.

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